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About Me

Always appreciative of great artists and painters, but lacking the patience of the brush, I find that photography provides both the creative and technical challenges I enjoy.

My initial interest was in wildlife photography, or more accurately, bird photography, and while still an interest, I'm finding there's a lot more to photography, including panoramas, landscapes, HDR, macro, night and street photography.

Photography as art is becoming a significant objective, and I've recently become influenced by the ability of Black & White images to often portray a more thought-provoking response than the same image in color.

My first DSLR kit, a Nikon D7100 APS-C along with a Sigma 18-250mm Macro was purchased in 2013 in preparation for a trip to Panama and Costa Rica, and since then I've expanded my collection of toys to include the D750 full-frame Nikon, a 24-70mm f/2.8 Tamron (my favorite lens), as well as an 8mm Rokinon fish eye, Nikkor 28-300mm FX zoom and Sigma 150-500mm and 150-600mm tele FX zooms.

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